Submitting an Asset

Once you have completed your registration, signed up as a Partner/Provider, and completed your DX Profile you will have the option to Submit an Asset. Asset submission is the core of the Digital Exchange. It allows the partners the capability to showcase their Blue Prism complementary solutions.

Submission Process

  1. Ensure you have registered your account, joined the Digital Exchange as a Partner/Provider, and created your DX Partner Profile
  2. Login using your Blue Prism Portal credentials
  3. Visit 'My Account' on the top banner OR'Submit Asset' to be taken directly to the Submit Asset form
  4. Select 'Account Dashboard'
  5. Select 'Submit Asset' from the Digital Exchange Process page
  6. Complete the Submit Asset form with as much information as possible
  7. Once relevant details have been added, select 'Save for Later' to continue working on your submission or 'Create Asset' at the bottom of the form to initiate the approval workflow
  8. Your Asset Submission status will be set to 'Pending Approval' and go through the approval workflow and be reviewed by the Blue Prism Marketplace Manager, Blue Prism Marketing, as well as the Blue Prism Technical team to ensure the validity and completion of your submission
  9. Once approved your asset will be published on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange

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Asset Submission Layout

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  1. Asset Name – Title of your asset
  2. Asset Pitch – Appears on the nameplate, >125 characters
  3. Partner Offering – Description of Partner/Provider's proprietary tehcnology
  4. Images – Up to 5 images can be hosted in this section
  5. Videos – Up to 3 Youtube or Vimeo videos can be hosted in this section
  6. About the Asset – Summary of the value of the asset
  7. Benefits of the Asset – Features and benefits of the asset
  8. View All Assets by Company – Review all assets submitted by a specific company
  9. Download Asset – Initiate download of asset or redirect to Partner/Provider landing page
  10. Request Information – Customers submit leads for further inquiries
  11. General Information – Version, author, asset type, last pdated date
  12. Documentation – Integration guides, marketing materials, etc.
  13. Support – Support contact
  14. Categories – Industry categories applicable to the asset

Types of Assets

Please be aware that when selecting the type of asset you would like to publish you can only submit one of the following. If you provide both the system will not publish out your submission as it will not know which option to choose. Please make sure to only load an asset or link out to your chosen site.

Download Directly from the Digital Exchange

You have the ability to host your asset directly on the Digital Exchange. This will allow all registered users to download your asset through their web browser. Your submitted asset can be a Visual Business Object (VBO), Command Line, SOAP Web Service, a Solution, or a Skill. If you would like users to have the ability to download your asset directly from the Digital Exchange, you will need to complete the following in the Submission Form:

  • Technical Asset Upload – Use the first file if your asset is not going to be posted as a Blue Prism skill (skills were introduced in Blue Prism version 6.4). If you would like to add your asset as a skill, see below.
  • Agree to MIT or GNU License – these are publish sharing licenses and one choice is required for your asset
  • Complete the Market Intake Form – This is requirment of the US Government for digital assets

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Skill Submission

If you have created a WebAPI compatible with Blue Prism 6.4 and would like it converted to a skill you will need to provide the following in addition to the license and market intake form discussed in the above section.

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  • WebAPI – The code that will perform the action or interface the Digital Worker and the complementary technology. This will be in the format of a .bprelease file.
  • Image – Must provide an image that will be placed in the skills toolbar on the right. It will need to be 50x50 pixels and reference the name of the asset in a clear and concise way so not to confuse the consumer.
  • JSON File – Organized according to the following format:

    • Image 01
    • ProductId – If this is a brand new skill, leave this field blank. A new product ID will be generated during the conversion process and returned to you for your reference. For upgrades to existing skills, the product ID must match the previous version(s).
    • SelectedWebApi – This is GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) associated with the Web API definition in your .bprelease file. The release file can be opened in any text editor. Once you have opened the .bprelease file, search for the expression "<webapiservice id=". The value of the "id" attribute is what you set SelectedWebApi to.
    • CategoryId – The numeric ID of the category the skill belongs to. The skill categories and their associated IDs are:
      1. Visual Perception
      2. Planning and Sequencing
      3. Collaboration
      4. Knowledge and Insight
      5. Problem Solving
      6. Learning
    • VersionNumber – The version number of your skill. For new skills, the version should be set to "1.0".
    • Name – The name of the skill as it will appear in the skill toolbar.
    • Description – A brief description of what the skill does. This will appear in the “More Information” section of the skill.
    • IconFilePath – Path to the icon to use with the skill.
    • BluePrismVersionCreated – The version of Blue Prism the skill was created in.
    • BluePrismVersionTested – A comma delimited list of Blue Prism versions the skill has been tested in.
    • Provider – The name of the company/partner who developed the skill.
    • Download a blank sample JSON file

Link Out to Download

By linking out to your asset this will redirect users to leave the Digital Exchange and visit the predetermined web address you have provided in your Asset Submission. This option is for Partners/Providers who would like to provide more guidance, assist in integration of the asset, review potential opportunities with customers, sell their integration, etc. We ask that if you choose this option the landing page you direct customers to a page that will direct them through the next steps of their download/integration.

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Approval Process

Once your asset is submitted it will go through an approval workflow for review by the Blue Prism Technical Team, Marketing Team, and Digital Exchange Marketplace Manager.

  • Technical Team –Review to ensure the asset/solution contains documentation for setup/configuration, dependencies, troubleshooting etc. Confirms the asset is secure and does not contain any harmful virus or suspicious code and contains portability to mirror what is being described in the setup documentation.
  • Marketing Team – Review to ensure the positioning and wording around the asset is user friendly, clear and concise, and sends the appropriate message.
  • Marketplace Manager – Final review to ensure all necessary documentation is present.

If the Blue Prism team finds that all details for the asset and marketing material are in order, then the team will change the status to Published and it will appear on the DX. In the event that there is a concern or issue, the status will be set to Partner Review and you will have to make the changes outlined in the review sections on the asset submission form and resubmit for review.

Editing Your Asset

You can update your asset at any moment in time. If you decide to change anything related to your Digital Exchange Profile or Submitted Asset/Solution, the system will automatically put your profile/asset in a status of 'pending.' An alert will be sent to the Marketplace Management Team that the changed item is Pending Versioning approval and requires review. When reviews are complete, then the Marketplace Manager will publish out the changes you have made. The old versions will remain published on Digital Exchange until the changes are approved by the Marketplace Management team.