Blue Prism Cloud & Exposing WSDL


Blue Prism lets organizations easily build & deploy a Digital Workforce on Azure with secure connectivity between our workforce and your staff, processes and systems to create a scalable, sustainable foundation for intelligent automation. The Azure Marketplace trial includes a limited Blue Prism license; users just need an Azure account to get started. Azure customers can experience Blue Prism’s enterprise-grade connected-RPA platform for up to three weeks, which includes 1 resource; 2 sessions; and 15 published processes. Trial users also have access to resources, tutorials, and training materials that demonstrate work queues and the automations possible through the Blue Prism platform.


Requirements to leverage Blue Prism Cloud:

  • Blue Prism Software w/ license or Trial
  • Microsoft Azure account

Installation and Use

Users can find Blue RPA Trial on Azure here:


Click Create, fill out the information and the form will bring you to your Azure instance.

If you do not have an Azure instance you can find subscription information here:


Once at your Azure instance, click Create.


Follow the steps within Azure to create the virtual machine.

You can find information on Azure virtual machines here:


Once your virtual machine has been deployed, click Connect -> RDP -> Downlad RDP File.


Once the file has been downloaded, click on the downloaded RDP file and enter your credentials from the VM setup. The remote desktop will spin up with Blue Prism already installed.


Start Blue Prism, and proceed to set up Blue Prism as you would on a local machine. You can information on setting up Blue Prism on the Blue Prism Portal here:

Exposing WSDLs

In this section, we will go over exposing WSDLs on Blue Prism Cloud. Nothing will change within the Blue Prism Software. This configuration is to set up the ports on the Azure instance and Virtual Machine so external cloud offerings can access exposed Blue Prism Processes and Objects.

First, click on Networking on your Azure instance inside the Blue Prism Virtual Machine.


Click on Add inbound port rule and add port 8181 to Destination port ranges.


Connect and log into the Blue Prism virtual machine. Once logged into the machine, launch Windows Defender Firewall and click Advanced. Click on Inbound Rules -> New Rule.


Click Next and enter port 8181


Click Next and add Allow Connection.


Click Next and add Name and Description.


Click Finish and right click on the created Rule. Click Properties. Click on Programs and Services and browse for Blue Prism Automate program in Program Files.



Do the same for Outbound Rules and you are ready to Export WSDLs in the Blue Prism Software.

For more information on exposing WSDLs in the Blue Prism Web Services guide on the Blue Prism Portal, click here: