You're intelligent. Shouldn’t your Digital Workforce be too?

Introducing the Digital Workforce of the future—a productive, adaptable and scalable digital team that can be upskilled with best-of-class AI technologies—Machine Learning, Process Mining, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Sentiment Analysis and more. We’ve made it easier than ever to instantly deploy the most in-demand AI solutions right from your Blue Prism platform.

Best-in-breed AI technologies, at your fingertips.

We're democratizing AI with six Intelligent Automation skills that reflect best-in-breed AI technologies. Whether you’re looking to more effectively address customer pain through sentiment analysis, extract market intelligence from unstructured data or reduce customer frustration through a virtual assistant, you can, directly through your Digital Workforce.

Plug-and-play capability makes it easy to download your chosen asset and access it under the matching skill on your Blue Prism platform. Drag-and-drop functionality means you can integrate the solution you need instantly.

Knowledge & Insight: Gather information from different data sources & deliver insight with data mining, real time analytics & natural language processing.

Learning: Derive contextual meaning from datasets, recognize workflow changes & adapt with machine learning.

Visual Perception: Read & understand visual information digitally using OCR, natural language processing & computer vision.

Planning & Sequencing: Plan workflow & workload execution with automated process mining. Digital Workers auto-scale as needed.

Problem Solving: Solve logic, business & system problems without intervention, automatically.

Collaboration: Deploy chatbots and empower employees to interact with Digital Workers, increasing productivity, enhancing customer service.

When innovation meets business growth, you win.

The union of automation and artificial intelligence—Intelligent Automation—is helping businesses worldwide deliver on even bigger promises.

With the help of an AI-powered Digital Workforce, forward-thinking companies are increasing efficiencies, boosting productivity and building competitive advantage.

Intelligent Digital workers reduce busy-work so you can better address the needs of your employees and your customers, increasing job satisfaction, enhancing creativity and delivering memorable customer experiences.

We are Blue Prism—your business-led, intelligent, digital strategy that gets results.

Savvy business leaders understand the value in digital transformation, but those who build a foundation that’s intelligent, connected, easy to control and powered by Intelligent Automation will lead the way.

The future of work is now. Are you ready? Learn how easy it is to upskill your Digital Workforce with best-in-breed AI technologies today.

Our Digital Workforce is:

Intelligent Transform the way you drive business value with six digital, intelligent automation skills.

Connected An ecosystem of partners connects your systems, staff, processes & even other technologies seamlessly.

Instantly execute your choice of AI, Machine Learning, Analytics, OCR & more through open APIs.

Easy-to-Control Place powerful Intelligent Automation & AI capabilities in the hands of your top people. Scale Digital Workers on-demand, all while maintaining security and compliance.