Six Skills

The Blue Prism Digital Workforce is equipped with 6 Intelligent Automation Skills, human-like attributes that make delivering true operational agility a breeze.

Knowledge & Insight

knowledge-insightThe Knowledge & Insight skill enables your digital team to extract, understand and deliver insights from customer behavior and business patterns that are impossible to glean manually.

Collect information from a variety of different data sources, understand it & deliver previously unreachable insights.

Upskill your Blue Prism Digital Workforce with Knowledge & Insight to identify trends and patterns in text communications, isolate issues, uncover complaints and even discover compliments. Then, turn that communication into action items as your digital team assigns tasks to the right person or system.

Key Abilities

  • Translation → Automatically recognize a new language and translate it to another.
  • Sentiment Analysis → Identify emotion from a sentence or block of text.
  • Extraction & Classification → Locate and classify key phrases within text into categories, such as names, places, organizations, etc.

Key Uses

  • Risk Visibility → Gather data from disparate sources to assess risk faster and more completely.
  • Customer Service → Gain valuable insight into customer behavior to better meet their needs.
  • Workflow Management → Mine data to better understand/improve business processes.
  • Reporting & Analytics → Access analytics in real time for robust and timely reporting.


learningThe Learning skill empowers your digital team by giving them the capacity to “learn” within the context of a business process, adapt to changes in data or patterns and operate more like traditional workers.

Derive contextual meaning from datasets, recognize process & workflow changes & adapt accordingly without human intervention.

Upskill your Blue Prism Digital Workforce with Learning and automatically and intelligently adapt to process changes in real-time, and at scale. Strategic alliances with technologies like Expert System, XpertRule and CyberArk enable these types of advanced value-adds.

Key Abilities

  • Machine Learning → Digital Workers learn without being programmed.
  • Neural Network → Process information with a Neural Network paradigm.
  • Modeling → Rapidly model algorithms.

Key Uses

  • Risk Compliance → Identify and flag potential risk in digital-to-human conversations in real time.
  • Customer Service → Enhancing chatbot capabilities by predictive responses based on current and historical data sets.
  • Anomaly Detection→ Identifying exoplanets from telescopic data.

Visual Perception

visual-perceptionThe Visual Perception skill lets your digital team work with text the same way your best people do, reading, interpreting human language and understanding screens, data and documents, bringing processes like real time object and image identification too life.

Read, understand, & contextualize visual information digitally.

Upskill your Blue Prism Digital Workers with Visual Perception to process and analyze documents and images, classify them and intelligently extract the content. Digital Workers can identify objects within an image and apply contextual knowledge to decide the right course of action. Partnerships with leading AI platforms like Google, MS cognitive/AI, and IBM Watson make this value-add possible.

Key Abilities

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) → Work with text just like humans.
  • Natural Language Processing → Understand and interpret human language.
  • Computer Vision → Analyze and understand the meaning of visual images.

Key Uses

  • Application Processing → Decrease processing time with electronic applications using visual perception.
  • Accessibility Software → Enable visually impaired to execute end-to-end processes (scheduling, billing and claims).

Planning & Sequencing

planning-sequenceThe Planning & Sequencing skill helps your Digital Workforce discover opportunities, schedule and plan workflow to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Optimally plan workflow & workload execution to deliver the best outcomes with minimal human intervention.

Upskill your Blue Prism Digital Workforce with Planning & Sequencing and watch them apply the same “if-then” logic to workflows as their human counterparts. They can identify optimal order of steps, schedule and conduct tasks at the best times and even scale up or down based on existing business conditions. Partnerships with technologies like TrustPortal, 24/7, Appian, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and AWS allow Blue Prism customers to achieve ideal process workflows.

Key Abilities

  • Cognitive Planning & Task Sequence → Prioritize tasks, formulate, evaluate and select actions to achieve end goals.
  • Auto-scale → Auto-scale digital workers on-demand as needed to achieve optimal productivity outcomes.
  • Audit & Compliance → Protect your business with market leading audit and compliance features.

Key Uses

  • Workflow Management → The Digital Workforce automatically scales—up or down during peak times and off season, as needed by business conditions.
  • Process Mining → Identify inefficiencies and discover opportunities to automate by analyzing business processes based on event logs.
  • Process Auditing → Easily identify areas for cost saving, and process efficiency with a strong, built in audit trail.


problem-solvingThe Problem-Solving skill allows your Digital Workforce to be resourceful, resolving logic, business and systems problems without any human intervention, all while meeting strict security and compliance standards.

Solve logic, business & system problems without intervention.

Upskill your Blue Prism Digital Workforce with Problem-Solving and watch them work within complex rules to identify context, and implement solutions to both predictive and probabilistic issues autonomously, without help or assistance from human co-workers. Blue Prism’s partnerships with technologies like Appian and Ephesoft bring this concept to life.

Key Abilities

  • Complex Decision-Making → Extensions to machine learning models enable digital workers to make more complex decisions.
  • Data Extraction → Extract and validate data based on distinct rules for each document type.
  • Automatic Problem Detection → Autonomously detect problems to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Key Uses

  • Process Improvement → Identify potential obstacles in the process path before they impact business & quickly reroute.


collaborationThe Collaboration skill gives your digital team the ability to work alongside and near your human workforce, using both legacy and modern digital channels, creating a richly woven and truly connected digital community.

Communicate, work with & complete tasks with people, systems and other digital workers.

Upskill your Blue Prism Digital Workers with Collaboration and they will intelligently hand-off assignments to human co-workers, other Digital Workers and other technologies. Strategic partnerships with Appian and Azure autoscaling bring real-time unattended problem solving.

Key Abilities

  • Virtual Agent → Link customer self-service and front- and back-office operations as digitized end-to-end activities with a dynamic, digital user interface.
  • Smart Forms → Replace existing paper forms that are dynamically managed with robots in any legacy system, and RSA encryption to safeguard customer-to-company information sharing.
  • Chat Bots → Connect chatbots (Trustbot), IVR/voice recognition, or other omnichannel technologies to legacy systems and minimize employee interaction.

Key Uses

  • Customer Service → Attended robotics in contact centers can interact with customers on-demand and in real time, improving overall experience.
  • Invoice Management → Digital Workers can update invoices base on real time information-gathering. Digital workers can monitor extra miles driven in poor weather, then communicate extra costs directly to billing systems.