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We created Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) to match businesses with AI skills, connectors, digital workforce functions, and complete automation processes. By making it simple to get connected to the world's most forward-thinking companies, we're "democratizing AI"— and showcasing the art of the possible.

Whether you're looking to explore your options with a Digital Workforce, upskill your existing Digital Workforce, or share your own cutting-edge technology, Blue Prism DX is for you.

An online marketplace for consuming and sharing AI technology.

Blue Prism DX is a "shop window" for new and emerging technologies—a platform that puts powerful RPA and AI capabilities into the hands of business leaders. Users can find and apply pre-built AI capabilities, in the form of downloadable integrations and Visual Business Objects, to automated processes. These assets connect and integrate Digital Workers, existing systems and processes to Blue Prism's technology partners, creating a solid foundation of AI-enabled Intelligent Automation that's scalable and sustainable.

If you have technology to share, Blue Prism DX gives global enterprise customers direct access to your AI technologies as downloadable apps, Visual Business Objects (VBOs), or via referrals to your assets.

Business-led automation, made easy.

Automation, RPA and even AI are no longer IT projects. Blue Prism DX creates a seamless and simple to use experience for adding powerful intelligent automation and AI capabilities to automated processes.

Award-winning technologies are instantly accessible and functional in our product as Visual Business Objects (VBOs), available to customers through simple drag-and-drop functionality. That means no coding or development necessary, with customization and unparalleled security.

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Everyone's talking about AI, and the smart solutions that make what we do every day even easier. Whether it's using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify risk, analyzing digital images via computer vision or simply delivering standout customer experiences faster and without error, staying competitive in business today means having the right technology at your fingertips.

Welcome to the Blue Prism DX community — a professional digital exchange for consuming and sharing AI technology that's driving greater operational agility and improved business results.

We're Blue Prism, proudly delivering the world's most intelligent, connected and easy-to-control Digital Workforce.