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Hi team

Checking integration of Twilio - SMS Messaging Skill .I have populated all the necessary details and still facing a Error. Attaching the word file
that have screen shots of my configuration and error am facing. Kindly look into it and please provide me fix for this
 Filename Twilio.docx [Disk] Download
 Description Screen shots of Configuration and error message
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Hi Aqib747,

Sorry for the delayed response - I've been talking to my team internally to try and get an answer for you on this. I think where we've landed is that it would be best for you to open a Support ticket on this, so that our Support team can do a deep dive and figure out what's leading to this error.


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If you have a US based Twilio number, you will need to prefix your Send mobile number with "011"

For some reason, Twilio skill removes the + sign for international
011 is the equivalent of + in US.

Regards, Jay
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